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Extra, Extra! This just in, yellow may look good on some celebrities, but makes you look like the sun. If you are going to buy school clothes, skip the yellow section. The only time you should ever be seen wearing yellow, is if it is required uniform at your job or school. Of course, that also means no yellow shoes. Yes, this includes guys. Especially if you are buying a bathing suit. Since it is summer, black is so not in. Blue is the way to go. Light or dark, it is the color of summer!

If you teenagers are having a lousy summer, call somebody up! What else could be more fun then hanging out with a friend, or going on a date? If you're hanging out with a friend, the movies is a great place to go. Escape the summer heat, and see a new movie you have been wanting to. If you are going on a date though, wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe, is what you should be doing all day. If you were lucky enough to get a date, why not shoot for a second. That is not possible if you have a horrible outfit. If you are the one planning that evenings festivals, location is also key. Do not go somewhere too private, or your date might get the wrong message.

Rihanna's song "Umbrella" just sent her a whole new way. She now is creating a line of rain gear. Although, you probably will have to be as rich as her to afford one item. Usher and his pregnant fiancee, Tameeka Foster, called off their wedding. This happened only a few hours before the wedding. Still, life goes on with Usher's upcoming fragment and album.

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